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Interior Design Studio in Chesapeake, Virginia

Home Staging, Interior Design and Redesign Services.

Serving clients across Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton, Moyock, Knotts Island, South Mills and the surrounding areas.

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  • I put my house on the market this past Friday, and I got my asking price on Sunday after the first showing. I want you to know that your staging made a huge difference. You really transformed my house…

    Nancy Oliver

    Home Staging Services Virginia Beach
  • This looks AMAZING! You can make a house look really good. I’m impressed. The upstairs is super cute. Amazing what staging does for a (empty) home.

    Jessica Ketchum-Brown

    Color Consultation Interior Design Suffolk
  • It’s so beautiful with the staging… I’ll be sad to see it go…but I’ll look forward to another project togehter. You did an incredible job on that place. THANK YOU.

    Julie S.

    Interior Design Studio Chesapeake